Primary or Secondary School?
We've got the day for you!
We work with children and young people of all abilities helping them to achieve their own individual targets whilst providing learning which motivates, challenges and stimulates. We find this promotes team building and bonding, and helps social development.

We encourage the need for a healthy lifestyle and work with other providers in tackling obesity in children.

Our unique woodland activities   make such activities much more accessible and affordable.

The list of activities we can provide in our own privately owned woodland just 6 miles from Durham City is endless and includes:-

Shelter Building, Bushcraft, Fire Lighting, Charcoal making, Teambuilding, Green Woodworking, John Muir Award.












Contact us for more information 01325 251513 or 07989682085

New for 2018

The Adventurous Learner Programme (ALP) which aims to inspire children by creating writing hooks through outdoor learning, offering hands on maths lessons and giving children the chance to scientifically explore our beautiful outdoors.

Prices -

One-off day - £250

6 sessions (sessions are a full school day) - £1200

(see our poster here)